How to Reach the Chinese Clients
To Lawyers Who Want to Expand Business to Chinese Market,

Dream Express Outsourcing (USA) Inc. (hereinafter referred as DEO) is committed to assist law firms in reaching the Chinese Market. Our team allows both the law firms who have little to none experience with the Chinese community to acquire the capacity to start servicing the Chinese clients, and those who already are servicing the Chinese community to broaden their market.

DEO was established in 2005, Los Angeles, California, doing business as “AAA Attorney Factotum”. DEO consists of over 100 professional personals in US, Taiwan and Mainland China, aiming to provide law firms all over the world with e-Commerce Solution and U.S. Immigration Legal Outsourcing Services. DEO also runs a 100% owned subsidiary in China called “Dream Express Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd”.

Our comprehensive approach not only will allow you to service the local Chinese clients around your area, but also internationally to all Chinese speaking clients who can use your service. Please see one of our success models for a better idea (

During 2007 to 2008, DEO has successfully introduced 3 cases over $500,000 for legal service charge and more than 100 international case works in Agreement/Litigation/Transaction areas to our partnering firms.

How to Reach the Chinese Client?
First and foremost, a Chinese version of your website must not only be made accessible and attractive but also approachable and interactive. By allowing your Chinese Clients to leave messages on a forum, live chat with a representative, and receive directional feedback, your e-commerce website will out-serve any other marketing strategy in the global competition today.

Traditional websites are like billboard that merely advertise and display information; the e-commerce website takes the website a step further and offers browsers the option to inquire about your service, consult with your attorney, and/or fill in questionnaires directly over the website without ever having to step into the office.

In creating a live e-Commerce Chinese Website, Dream Express will allow your firm to take its first step into the competitive Chinese market, and reaching them by the professionalism and accessibility they will see and feel.

Then once your Chinese e-Commerce Website is up and running, our team will continuously performs the following marketing strategy’s to bolster the popularity of your website:

  1. ☆ Send Monthly Promotion Letter to Potential Chinese Companies & Individuals
  2. ☆ Send Weekly & Monthly e-Journals
  3. ☆ Post Your Practice Articles or Legal News on 100 Chinese Forums Every Month
  4. ☆ Legal News Release towards over 200,000 Chinese Enterprises
  5. ☆ Key Word Promotion in Renowned Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Baidu
  6. ☆ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Web Page Title, Content, Code, Homepage, Meta Title, Key Word, Layout, Promotion Page, Sitemap, Internal Links
  7. ☆ Cellphone Messages (SMS) to Potential Clients
  8. ☆ Homepage & Specific Inner Page Advertisement on Major Legal Websites
  9. Present running statistics of USLawChina
    Everyday visitors: 1,800+
    Members in Total: 15,000+ (average 10 members enroll per day)
    Everyday Inquiry: 40
    Weekly E-journal sending: 35,000
How to Service the Chinese Client?
Our Team in Shanghai will act as your Backend and Front-end Secretary to service the clients whom you reached through the e-Commerce Website. Through the e-Commerce Systems which we provide, our bilingual paralegals will be able to take down questions from the Chinese clients, answer their basic questions regarding your services and direct them to the specific inner page for better understanding.

These systems not only will allow us to communicate on your behalf but will also let us start the process of the paper work, so by the time the attorney is scheduled for the first consultation he or she much of the legal forms are already completed.

The Live Chat System will allow us to respond to any of the basic informational inquiries potential clients may ask online. The Customer Service System will allow us to give your clients the most up to date report of their case. The Video Conference System will allow your client, your attorney, and us to communicate over the Internet thus eliminating the distance factor in your services; and the Legal Q&S System will allow us to complete the basic paper work for you. Please see the Our Systems page for more information.

    Other Services May be Needed
  1. Set up Office in China
  2. Legal Outsourcing
Systems in Need
Legal Q&S System:
The Legal Q&S System provides Attorneys and their paralegals with a comprehensive tool box to enhance their case handling productivity and efficiency. With automatic form generators along with questionnaire and checklist available, this paper work aspect of the paralegal can nearly all be reduced to zero.

Customer Service System:
This system keeps an online filing system that records all of the clients billing information, inquiry’s, and case status. The Customer Service System enables attorney to better assist their clients, by letting the clients better assist himself or herself.

Online Consultation System (Live Chat):
Allows any client to directly communicate with your firm on your website, via communication functions such as text, audio, and email. It serves as the quickest and least obtrusive way for clients and potential clients to reach your firm. Your professional web-secretaries will be ready to take questions and to forward their questions to the right personnel’s speedily and directly over the Internet.

Video Conference System:
This system is an Online Conference system that enables multiple users to share a white board and review documents. This system eliminates the distance & time factors so that far away referrals are still able to entrust their cases to you over the internet, simply because they are able to meet with you online.

Traffic Tracking System:
This system designed to detect visitor’s information, showing the progress of the website promotion, website visits, and visitor’s information, etc. This Traffic Tracking System will allow you to know the exact condition of your website’s popularity growth, along with the success rating of your marketing methods.

Capability of the Whole Team
Managerial Leadership

DEO’s current CEO Frank Tsang, an entrepreneur who founded three successful immigration firms in US, Taiwan and Mainland China has over 25 years of managerial experience. With our team’s extensive understanding of the advantages of outsourcing services and the foresight of the growing need China has in legal services, he along with his team started what is now known as Dream Express Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Two Teams in U.S. & China

Web Design Department
Our web design team’s expertise is in building e-commerce websites. The team consists of professional web design engineers and graphic designers who specialize in initial format, page design & layout, web development and maintenance.

Marketing Department
Through professional collaboration with well-known search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Baidu, our Marketing Department can increase your website browsers by applying site analysis report, web keywords study, internal optimization, and search engine optimization (SEO) to your website. With our specifically designed Traffic Tracking System, you can monitor the browsers increase of your website.

Web Secretary Service Department
To remove the language barriers between English speaking lawyers and Chinese clients, DEO has a team bilingual secretaries, all of whom have received the highest English certification in China, experienced in the field of law, ready to assist lawyers and their clients by providing the following services: Web Content Updating, Website Supervision, Web Resources such as News & Articles Searching, Bilingual Customer Service, and International Case Assistance.

Customer Service Department
The Customer Service Department of DEO offers you 24*7 continuous services, for any questions you may have. The Customer Service Department also provides you with a call center available to be trained to answer any inquiry from your local and oversea clients.

System Development Department
System Development Department of DEO consists of a team of innovative system engineers who have been internationally recognized for the development of systems like Law Firm Management System, Legal Q&S System, Customer Service System, and Traffic Tracking System. These engineers specialize in creating practical systems for lawyers that are easy to use yet unbelievably efficient. Their job is to make the work of a lawyer as easy as it can be.

Legal Outsourcing Department
Our Legal Outsourcing Team, which is made up by bilingual paralegals who have graduated from Law Schools with highest English certification, offers law firms with outsourcing services in the following fields: U.S. Immigration, Marriage, Tax, Will & Trust. We also provide legal translation service, as well as Notarization, Certification, and Interpretation.

Multimedia Production Department
To increase the reputation of law firms and diversify law firm services, staffs in Multimedia Production Department provide all kinds of multimedia production service for law firms. Our Multimedia Production Department is ready to provide your firm with designed DVD’s, flash seminar displays, video presentations, posters, and brochures of all sorts. We can also make Chinese versions of your e-books according to your firm’s specialization, and then sell them on your shopping cart column for your Chinese website to further increase your firm’s reputation.

Adapting to the outsourcing market and the development of the internet, DEO seeks to help you strengthen your “e” Law Firm by improving your service quality while lowering your personnel and operation expense. The delegation of secretarial services over the internet will allow attorneys more time to focus on their own expertise and in turn better serve their clients.

Thank you for your time to read this letter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Wishes!

Joseph Tsang
Marketing Manager