Teleconference Service
Teleconference Service
Teleconference Service
DE is among the first to offer legal translation services in all of Asia. Our services cover Translating & Notarization & Certification and Interpretation. The legal interpreters hired by DE will allow your communication with your clients to be smooth and easy. The market into China has never been made easier. We look forward to working with you soon.
Uses for Teleconferencing
 ◎ Business conference that would normally require traveling.
 ◎ Deposition with deponent, attorneys and clients far away from each other
 ◎ Interviewing prospective employees from far away
 ◎ Teaching seminars online
 ◎ Exhibiting products
 ◎ Other remote presentations
Our services
 ◎ You will have a technical support hotline to help you with the system at all times.
 ◎ We will instruct you on how to best use the operating system to fulfill your needs.
 ◎ We provide interpreters for the meeting.
 ◎ We provide US attorneys or CPA (fluent in both English and Chinese)
 ◎ A whole recording of the meeting
 ◎ A copy CD of the meeting
 ◎ The dispatch of the copy CD
 ◎ A preliminary test of VC
 ◎ Preparing the conference or presentation in advance
What you need to do?
☆ Have a computer with a good MIC and earphone
☆ Download the VC system Download
☆ Take our preliminary test with our provided IP, account no. and password