Translation and Notarization
Multimedia Production
Our Multimedia production is another venue of our promotion strategy, to advertise and record the professionalism of lawyers. Our Multimedia production provides law firms with the advertisements of: Designing and e-book production, DVD’s, recordings of seminars, and an e-business card.
Corporation VI Design
The Visual Identification Design of a Corporation is the first step towards any Multimedia Production.
DE’s VI Design Include:
Co., name design
Co., Logo design
Co., slogan design
The Visual Identification design will be used in letterheads, advertisements, packages, websites, envelops and so on. It is absolutely essential to have an pleasing and catchy visual design.
Designing and Producing E-books
E-books are compilations of articles and essays written by your firm which you think there are a target audience that would want to purchase the book. DE will help you design, format, and publish the book online, after the main content is finalized by your firm. These e-books are publishable in both English and Chinese, and are available for your clients to purchase. DE has published e-books related to: Immigration law, Family Law, Wills, and Trusts, Estate plan; and is currently training up specialists in labor & employment law, tax law, etc.
On top of the e-book drafting, our designers will design the page layout and cover of the book for better marketing display.
Designing and producing DVDs of lawyer’s seminars
Dream Express offers DVD productions for lawyers and law firms; translating seminars, filling in subtitles, and packaging the DVD’s for sale.
Translating the Subtitles of DVDs
We can translate the DVD into Chinese, and/or make subtitles for the original.
Selling E-books and DVDs
Your e-books can be sold either directly on your website, or through a major legal e-book dealer such as USLawChina—over 140 e-books are sold on that legal portal.
Designing and producing brochures and business cards
If your firm is interested in redesigning company brochures, business cards, and ads to specifically target the Chinese population, our designers are happily at your service. Additionally, if your company desires to produce e-business cards, which is a flash demonstration of your companies services sent to your clients via e-mail, our designers is glad to be at your service. The e-business cards is superior to the traditional cared in the sense that your clients may save your companies information on-line for quick accessibility.