Why Should Immigration/Business Law Firms Outsource to China
Macro market conditions:
  • Cyclical industry – demand for immigration services varies dramatically over the year
  • Escalation of first-year associate salaries – putting tremendous pressure on the bottom-line
  • Shrinking or stagnant legal budgets – forcing general counsels to seek alternative methods to get their legal work done and to promote their business
  • Chinese Americans today make up 40% of the roughly 5 million Asians in California
  • They represent the largest Asian population in the country.
  • China ranks second only to Mexico in terms of new U.S. immigrants.
Why China
Growing demand from Chinese clients regarding domestic and international legal support, along with a strong growth in the Asian Pacific economies are making China a desirable market for international law firms. While the economy has developed in leaps and strides; China's legal market has done so at a slower pace, and the profession is still at an early stage in regards to international legal practice. No doubt everyone wants a piece of the Chinese pie.

Characteristics of the immigration/business law practice:
  • High paralegal to attorney ratio
  • Transactional nature
  • Process driven - predictable life cycle consisting of repetitious steps
  • flat fee structure – increased workload will dilute the overhead expenses
  • Language and Time Zone – these are definite obstacles when communicating with foreign clients and government agencies
  • Labor arbitrage – not only exploiting the labor arbitrage but also expand the knowledge, know-how, and global reach
  • Increasing demand for immigration/business legal advice in China
  • Immigration related service fee could be 2 – 4 times higher than US
  • Chinese law firms and immigration companies in China are generally not as sophisticated and knowledgeable compared to their US counterparts
  • Chinese Internet users are increasingly using the Internet to
    • 1) Find answers to their immigration/business related questions
    • 2) Seek the law practice that best fit their needs
To successfully assist US law firms, we utilize the skilled labor resources we have in China, and capitalize on the seemingly ever-growing market opportunities in China. Dream Express is presenting the Immigration Paralegal Outsourcing and Construct an E-Law Firm as solutions. It is no coincidence that these two solutions for immigration law firms are offered in tandem. There are synergistic effects between these solutions as the extra workload created by the marketing activities could be readily digested by the scalable workforce provided by the paralegal outsourcing team. We help our customers achieve these ends by working closely with them as partners. We work as an extension of our customer's organization based on their needs and requirements.

Dream Express knows that a successful law firm is only as good as its personnel. In today’s fast-paced and rapidly-changing legal environment, the personnel required for a successful practice must be specialized, adaptable and technologically savvy. Our team of legal and marketing specialists consists of graduates from China’s top universities all of whom have undergone extensive training by U.S licensed attorneys and experienced marketing professionals.

With offices in Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Taipei, our presence in the US and Asia means our customers have the best of both worlds - the benefit of our intimate knowledge of the Chinese legal and LPO market, plus the ease and reassurance of dealing with a US company.