Customer Service System
What else service can your website do better for your customer?
Dream Express’s Customer Service System enables attorney to better assist their clients, by letting the clients better assist themselves. This Internet based system is designed with two parts, Customer Interface and Employee Interface. Its primary aim is to make communication between attorneys and their clients as simple, friendly, and efficient as possible.
Customer Interface---What Clients are able to do for themselves!
  • View their payment information online;
  • View their case proceedings and leave any get immediate answers to their inquires online;
  • Clients have a record of all their online consultations, without bothering to take notes;
  • Live Chat is made available for both potential clients and clients, enabling them to be in close contact with your firm wherever they maybe in the world.
Employee Interface---What Attorneys can do for their clients!
  • Interest Conflict Check;
  • Allows attorneys to better distribute case load allowing them to focus their strength on the technical parts of the case;
  • A commitment to responsibility to the client’s case, with a history records log allowing attorneys to know who did what, when, and how;
  • Attorneys may have the choice to disclose or not to disclose case information to secretaries, to ensure confidentiality;
  • Secured database protection.
System Features
  • Strong practicability, laconic interface, intuitive operation;
  • Complete internet-based operating, stay connected to your work anywhere you go;
  • Administrator delegation of responsibilities, allowing each to do their best;
  • Quick save features, advance search functions, intelligently designed for efficiency;
  • Continuous online updates and speedy technical support;
  • Data security & privacy.