Live Chat
All communication functions such as text, audio, email,
are all available within Live Chat. It serves as the
quickest and simple unobtrusive way for clients and potential
clients to reach your firm. Your professional web-secretaries will be ready
to take questions and to forward their questions to the right personnel’s speedily
and directly over the internet.

The following are the benefits of the Live Chat without needing your clients to
download any program being able to use right away.

Live Chat
Advance Functions:
  • Multiple Department Division: With live chat you can set up a live chat call-in hotline for each of your departments, so that clients will feel that they are contacting the right department and speaking with the right personnel.
  • Multiple Client Ends: To make things efficient, DE has made the system so that even if there are 7 different branching websites, the firm can all be accessed through by different users. This way one backend service is all that is needed to monitor all of these blackened.
  • Second Language Version: We offer both Chinese and English Live Chat and are more than willing to serve your firm as your web secretary.
  • Chain Trusteeship Supervision: If your firm has a separated department or an affiliate which you would like them to maintain, but would like to supervise their communication, Chain Trusteeship is the way to get it done. This allows your firm to monitor every reply your affiliate discusses over the Live Chat, and it also allows them to let you respond to clients when they feel the need.