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DE is among the first to offer legal translation services in all of Asia. Our services cover Translating & Notarization & Certification and Interpretation. The legal interpreters hired by DE will allow your communication with your clients to be smooth and easy. The market into China has never been made easier. We look forward to working with you soon.

All our translators have a minimum of a Bachelor degree (or an equivalent degree) in English, and all are well-trained in Immigration policy.

We usually provide translation for the following documents, but it is not limited to these categories.
Outsourcing price: 30% off
Category Fee
Household Registration $35(more than3 person,$5/person addition )
Certificate of Marriage $35
Certificate of Birth $35
Affidavit to Single Status $35
Certification of Death $35
Certification of Diagnosis of Death $35
Notice of Fatal Illness $35
Certification of Autopsy $35
Medical Record $45
Anti-Epidemic Record $45
Certification of Immunization $55
Certifications of Graduation $35
Certification of Degrees $35
Certification of Completion $35
Certificate of Transfer $35
Certificate of School Attendance $35
Transcript of Academic Record $75
Graduating Student Registration Form $45
License of Profession $45
Statement of Work Experience $45
Certification of Service $45
Certificate of Marriage $35
Certificate of Divorce $35
Court Form $50
Agreement of Divorce Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Judgment of Dissolution Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Prenuptial Agreement Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Postnuptial Agreement Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Cash Flow Statement $60
Financial Statement Balance Sheet $60
Balance Sheet $60
Business Tax Return Record $60
Individual Tax Return Record $60
Tax Registration Record $45
Tax Payment Voucher $45
Certification of Import and Commodities Tax $45
Certification of No Tax $45
Land Title $45
Statement of Deposit Account $35
Bank Transfer Evidence $35
Receipt $35
Corporation License $45
Business Registration Certificate $45
Corporation Amendment Registration $35
Articles of Incorporation Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Resolution of Board of Directors Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Personnel Employment Registration Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Roster of Director and Shareholders Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Notary Public $45
Contract Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Civil Matter Judgment Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Agreement Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Settlement Outside the Court Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Letter Chinese-English:$0.18/word
News Report Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Minutes for Meeting Chinese-English:$0.18/word
Certificate of Appreciation Chinese-English:$0.18/word
If the document your client submitted is translated into Chinese, the document would need to be notarized in most cases. With the notary assistance DE offers your cases can move on quickly without much delay. The total translation and notarization will take just seven working days from the day received.

Notary Fee:$10/per document
Documents issued in the USA to be used in China, such as the Affidavit of Support, Affidavit of Marital Status, Certificate of Employment, Health Certificate, Power of Attorney, Statement, Personal Identification Certificate, Trade Mark Registration, etc. should be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy or a Chinese Consulate in the United States before they are sent to China.
Procedures are as follows
Documents should first be notarized by a local Notary Public.

Documents are required to be verified by the County Clerk before the authentication by the Secretaries of States.

The notarized document should be authenticated separately by the Secretary of State where the Notary Public registers himself.

The Chinese Consulate General authenticates the signature of the Secretary of State and the seal of the relevant State.
Service Fee
Authentication Service Fee $250,

Filing fee for County and State Authentication $35,

Filing fee for Chinese Consulate Authentication (Individual) $20,

Filing fee for Chinese Consulate Authentication (Company) $40,

Check Processing Fee $20

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