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Web Design

Web Promotion
This is the most effective way to reach the mass market in China.

Paralegal & Customer Service
Expand your working hour, take full advantage of time difference, relieve from the mundane routine work, and break the language barrier.
  Paralegal Service
  Search News, articles, Precedents
  Update the Website
Case/Service Introduction, News, Articles and Precedents, Successful Cases, Glossary, Landing USA, etc.
  Respond to client inquiries
    Edit E-book with Updated Information
  Customer Service
  24 hours 8:00-20:00 Beijing Time  
China Call Center
Website Back-end(s) Check, Application Form Information Collection
  Do you have related books?
Yes, we have (how many) books, and we want to transfer them into e-books.
  Legal Practitioner Helper
A case management system with a comprehensive tool box (includes hundreds of questionnaires, supporting document lists, forms, case procedures, sample letters, etc. in both English and Chinese).
  Customer Service Platform
A platform for you to keep all the records between you and your clients in e-files and foster a professional image to your clients.
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