Web Design
Website Backend Supervision
Dream Express has professional web projectors and service staff that can provide you with considerate supervision for your website backend. With this help, you can get your website
Checking back-end of Your Website with a Report Every Day
We offer our web-maintenance team to frequently check your clients' registration, consultation, orders, and application forms, to insure all backend web functions are running smoothly and their orders are not lost. Our web-maintenance team will provide a work report each time they have a maintenance check up.
Designing & Sending Order Conformation Letters
Each time a client of yours submit an application form, Dream Express will be able to personalize a confirmation letter according to the service you provide, and send it to them on your behalf. A personalized and mailed confirmation letter, though not necessary is one of those details that will greatly increase the professionalism of your service and the confidence they have in your firm.
Adding Content
New content will be added to your website (every hour), such as successful cases, bulletin, etc, by our web secretaries.
Making Statistics of Client's Information Monthly
We will send you a monthly statistic report of clients' information including information about client registrations, book orders, case application forms and client consultations, etc.
Checking Forums with a Reporting Every Day
All questions, news and discussions on forums will be made into a report and e-mailed to you at the end of each day.
Searching and Adding News and Articles
Our web secretary would search the latest immigration news and articles such as Visa Bulletin, USCIS processing time, AILA / Service Center Liaison Meeting Record, memorandum, immigration reforms in USCIS, AILA, DOS, Consulate Press, Releases and Statements and/or any other information websites you would like to have us search, and then have those news and articles posted on your bulletin, news page, or article column.
Write Articles
A professional article written under your name by us would be posted on both your website and other immigration forums upon your consent.
Adding Content
EAny additional information that you would like to put on your website such as successful cases, law firm bulletin, new lawyer's profile, or any information that needs to be updated, we are able to add.
Producing E-journals
We can produce e-journals to your subscribers or potential clients, such as Immigration Weekly, Immigration Alerts & Newsletter.
Sending E-journals
The HTML immigration E-journals would be sent to the original clients, journals subscribers and/or over two hundred thousand China companies once a month.
Forum Marketing
Everyday we would answer three typical questions from famous immigration forums, having first approved by you, and then post it under the name of your law office. Moreover, the article written by us, and approved by you, would be posted to 30 different forums each month.
Checking Back-End of Website
We can check your clients' registration, consultation, orders, and inquiry forms, to insure all backend web functions are running smoothly and their orders are not lost.
Making a Daily Report of Our Service and Your Web Statistic
A copy of our daily service including the latest news and articles update, number of registration or subscribers, book or tap orders, case inquiry forms, three answers in forums, new appointments, messages from clients, inquiry form, etc, would be sent to you and your appointed staffs.
Replying Chinese Search Engines Forums
Everyday we will post three answers to typical questions from Chinese immigration forums such as China's Google, Baidu, Yahoo, etc. The answers would be posted in Chinese after we have received your modification and approval of the English version.
Translating Your Articles and Publishing to Forums
Every month we will translate an article provided by you, and post it on 30 Chinese forums and search engines, including China's Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Sina, Sohu, MSN, Netease, 3721, etc.