Customer Service System
After Service
Specialized Web Page Design
One of the things DE will do first is to provide you with a specialized web page designed according to your company’s name, style, slogan, etc, to indicate your law firm’s personal web space.
Professional Technical guidance
One way to learn how to use the e-AF Retriever is to watch the e-AF DEMO. But another way to guide you to use the e-AF Retriever is to allow DE’s web-secretaries to directly control the screen, mouse, and keyboard-input of your computer and show you exactly how to operate a system. This long distance service is called Maintenance Online.
Problem Resolving
Should you have any other difficulties, our customer service is also available to help you through Skype, e-mail, direct online chat and telephone hotline. Additionally with the “maintenance online” technology we can likewise resolve most software.
Database Security Protection & Free Upgrading
All database protection and security maintenance will also be done by our web-technicians. Any software which we have provided will be automatically updated for free, because the software is ours so we take full responsibility in making our clients satisfied with the product.
Emergency Service Center
An Emergency Service Center is made to backup in case of any viruses, sudden crashes, or any other software malfunction which require immediate recovery. The Emergency Service Center should be used only in cases of extremity. Our web-technicians will provide to the best of their abilities, and if they cannot resolve the problem at hand, they will offer their professional suggestions as to what you should do.

And once a week our Maintenance Online team will provide one of your PC’s a full maintenance check up directly over the internet, fixing any program software problems, erasing viruses, etc.