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This agreement is made by and between Immigration Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as the "law firm") and Dream Express Outsourcing (USA) Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "DE"). It is herby mutually as follows:

  1. The law firm appoints DE as an outsourcing agent for providing legal immigration outsourcing services.
  2. Law firm shall make a $1000 deposit, which is valid for one year, and which will only be reduced according to the work the law firm assigns to DE.
  3. DE shall provide the web secretary, paralegal, and translation outsourcing services as written on the website service page for law firm.
  4. The Law Firm shall purchase at least one account of the Immigration Operating System, to begin case outsourcing cooperation.
  5. DE Shall provide law firm to access the customer service platform for better cooperation and case communication.
  6. All client information that is passed from law firm to DE and vice versa shall be kept confidential; no information regarding the clients may be sold, distributed, or passed out.
  7. DE, unless authorized by law firm, is unable to make any contact or give any legal counsel to clients.
  8. The law firm shall make a second deposit if the balance is either less than $200 for over 90 days, or the contract is about to expire.
  9. Should the law firm’s balance be less than $200 for 90 days, or the a total of 375 days has elapsed since the last deposit, DE reserves the right to withhold any services bound by the agreement and or block the password of the law firm from entering the Q&S System and Customer Service.
  10. With the consent of both parties, this agreement is effective from the commencement when DE receives the first deposit, and activates both the Q&S Document System and Customer Service platform.

I have read the forgoing statements and understand the conditions Dream Express Outsourcing proposes for outsourcing cooperation.