The most effective promotion is to innovate and innovate!
At Dream Express we would tailor a marketing strategy that suits your business. We would create an integrated marketing approach that carefully crafts a central message, analyzes a wide range of advertising channels, and effectively distributes the promotional message. Dream Express will ensure an optimal return on your business's advertising dollars.
Website Analysis Report
  1. Business promotion Report: It analyzes the entire construct of your firm, including: size, target clients, services, and future development plans. If you intend to promote your law firm in China, our recommendations of your firm will not only be limited to web media but the traditional newspaper and a magazine ads as well.
  2. Site Ranking Report: This is a monthly report focusing on the traffic of your site and its changes over specific periods of time. The analysis covers: the structure and code of your site, the ranking of keywords for each search engine, and its practical results.
Ads are an effective tool for business promotion; however, they can be short-lived and extremely expensive. A more consistent and efficient method for promotional marketing is to optimize your website from the inside-out. This is called (Search Engine Optimization).
  1. Structure Optimization: Search Engines prefer websites with informational text rather than filling the screen with flashy graphic designs; however, a website that only has texts can be unappealing to the eyes. Structure optimization found the perfect balance between the two extremes, and was able to allow potential clients appreciate the look and feel of the website while working with an efficient search engine.
  2. Code Optimization: Codes are the fundamental bone structure of how web-pages are formed. Like a well written novel, the flow of the language either draws the reader in, or completely leaves the reader disinterested. Similarly, a well optimized code either makes search engines feel comfortable collecting data or makes it absolutely makes search engines a grueling experience. Our search engine optimizers will enhance various codes to fit the requirements of many different search engines, so that it will ensure your webpage is easily found during related searches.
  3. Content Optimization: With content optimization, it will allow the largest keyword data banks and search engines for web-browsers to easily find you. These keywords should immediately be made into a link so that you can direct web-traffic into your site.
  4. Title Optimization: If content optimization is the largest database, then title optimization is the largest gateway for potential clients to find you. Titles are the most looked upon key words in your articles and service descriptions, so they should be taken fully advantage of to direct more web-traffic into your site.
Search Engine Marketing
Submit the website link of your law firm to professional websites and electric yellow page.
  1. Site Submission: Search Engines and Directories will not notice your website automatically until you submit your site to them. The process though simple, is time consuming, due to the lack of URLs, as well as page links and specific key words from those pages.
  2. Keywords Submission: Every keyword needs to be submitted with a concise and attractive description to search engines. Every search engine shares different results for different keywords. Therefore, the general rule is that the higher you pay for each word, results with the higher the rank.
  3. Ad Words: Ad words are commonly used in instances where certain words necessarily may not be in your website detailing the specific service you offer. Hence, by purchasing ad words you will guarantee your webpage to be on the forefront of those specifically searched topics. Generally the main page of each of your services or products needs about 3-5 ad words to ensure an optimal response.
Articles Publishing
Submit related articles with your web link and signature logo to well known law firms or directories.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is a powerful sales tool by means of sending newsletters, e-brochures or advertisements to your clients and prospects. You can send information either by HTML or text email, and the receivers may either subscribers on your site or the mailing list that we collect automatically. The receivers may be classified within their locations and industries to ensure that your emails will be sent to your target people.
Forum Marketing
Forum publication is not only immediately presented by your expertise to thousands of listeners, but it also begins to generate a strong and trustworthy reputation among your trade.
Blog Marketing
DE's web-service department offers you the services of updating your links and your website signatures to many different web-blogs every week.
Viral Marketing
Viral Marketing is a follow up marketing technique of sending your clients or customers additional promotions and benefits from your firm well after their case had been closed. This way the financial cost of postcards or greeting cards are eliminated, and the customers are still in touch with your firm through various e-mail promotion letters.
Live Marketing
We also offer live services like booth set ups, hand-out material advertisement, business cards, promotional letters, and presentation of your website in places such as the International Expo of Shanghai, Canton fair.
Letter pad、Business Card、brochure and Presswork Marketing
Print your website address on envelops, business cards, and brochures and other presswork to promote your law firm.
Other Ways of Information Releasing
Other website sources of information distribution are where your clients and prospects are likely to search; therefore, it is important to market your website in those different sources. Places like the Online Yellow pages, Classified Ads, Blogs, Trade Leads, etc.
Media Ads
  1. Media Ads Design: Online media ads are essential to marketing. We can design several different kinds of graphic advertisements: ① the display ads smaller than 100´100 pixels ② the display ads bigger than 100´100 pixels ③flash ads.
  2. Ads Online Publication: As well as designing your ads, DE can also advertise your ads in major legal websites.
Site Links
  1. Internal Links: Internal links allow those who are browsing your website to smoothly navigate around by simply clicking on related links.
  2. Links Exchanges: To further your website marketing, it is important to build links with other related sites to gain popularity among major search engines. DE will collect a list of law firms and websites that offer legal services, and then allow you to personally hand-pick the specific law firms that you want to be shown on your website. Once the websites have been approved, visitors to your previously selected law firm websites can now directly reach your site by clicking on your logo.
  3. Link Networking: Professionally written articles by your firm can be put on major legal websites with links to direct readers to your webpage. Similar to Forum Marketing, article links attract potential clients from other websites and directs them to yours.