Set up office in China
Set up office in China
Law and Restrictions
A representative office, its representatives, and the law office it belongs to shall not commit any of the following acts:
  1. Investing directly and indirectly on Chinese law firms;
  2. Making practicing associations with Chinese law firms or Chinese lawyers that share the profits or risks;
  3. Establishing joint offices or sending personnel over to Chinese law firms that will engage in legal service activities;
  4. Managing, operating, controlling and enjoying the equity rights and interests of Chinese law firms;
  5. Directly instructing lawyers in the entrusted Chinese law firms, as agreed between both parties;
  6. Employing Chinese practitioner lawyers, or its employed support staff that conducts legal services activities;
  7. Not settling on the fees that it collects for legal services within the territory of China;
  8. Concurrently a full-time or part-time representative in two or more representative offices;
  9. A representative within the office is a resident in China for less than 6 months each year;
Note: Although there are many restrictions for foreign law firms to establish a liaison office in China, some restrictions can be mitigated with the display of certain skills and techniques. With our local advantages, professional knowledge, and good relations with the government; we believe we are able to give you top-quality assistance in building a successful practitioner office in China.

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