Customer Service System
  e-AF Retriever (by System) e-AF Retriever (by Accounts)(15 accounts)
Term Half a year 2 years
Initial Setup $500 For system design, independent web space and domain name $3,000
Payment $35/account/mon $500/month (system being in practice,24months in total)
Extension   $1,500/year
Remark At least 3 accounts We provide free questionnaire making 50 accounts, $300/month additional; more than 50 accounts, $600/month additional
Package Coverage :
  • Full Functional e-AF Retriever System (Based on the Web)
  • System Visual Style and Law Firm Information Design
  • 15 Users Accounts (by System)
  • 300 Mb Web Space (by System)
  • System Security & stabilization Maintenance
  • System Updating and Upgrading
  • System Malfunction Resolving
  • Once a week our PC remote assistance team will provide one of your PC's a full maintenance check up, fixing any program software problems, erasing Viruses, etc, over the internet. (by System)
  • Through the Legal Practitioner Helper System Lawyers can get any questionnaire pertaining to your legal service to be transcribed into an electronic questionnaire and be added into your system.